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Any task that doesn’t add value in increasing the overall efficiency of your manufacturing and engineering operations can be considered as “Waste”. The Lean Manufacturing System was created with a simple goal in mind: Reduce all non-value-added activities that occur from the customer making an order to the customer receiving their goods and making a payment. Spotting wasted activities however is not without its challenges. Waste can be found in a range of activities.


  • Long paper trails of Engineering Change Orders.

  • Buying in large numbers without good forecasting.

  • Making trips to get status updates and meetings.

  • Searching through databases endlessly.

  • Un-optimized setup and retooling times.

  • Importing and exporting files to different systems.

  • Part Defects.


Giving your customers the best customer service is key: and running a clean ship is essential to be able to do that consistently. Read the E-Book to see how digital transformation within your company can help you spot and eliminate the 7 Key Wastes (Mudas) in your company.

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